My WordPress Blog Tue, 25 Jun 2019 06:30:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 A loan for pensioners in 2018 at 12 percent per annum Tue, 25 Jun 2019 06:30:09 +0000 Best Bank is a company that actively attracts retirees to service. The borrower’s age can reach 85 years. At the same time, the solvency confirmation is possible due to an extract from the Pension Fund. Cash loan for pensioners is issued at 12 percent in Best Bank. This is one of the most profitable offers on the credit market in Russia in 2018 for this category of citizens. Consider the available programs and analyze how profitable to lend in this bank.

Retirement Loan Review

Retirement Loan Review

Credit programs for pensioners are presented in the form of three projects:

  1. “Pension plus”.
  2. Loan at 12%.
  3. Express Plus.

They differ in the amount of credit, the package of necessary documents and interest rates. For the services “Pension plus” and “Express plus” a special condition has been developed, which is called the “Minimum rate guarantee”.

Thanks to this program, following the results of loan repayment, the bank is ready to recalculate contracts at 11.9%, and return the difference to the borrower. But a fee of 6.9% of the size of the initial payment.

There is a similar condition for recalculating a loan at 14.9%, but with a commission already 3.9% of the first installment. To fulfill the conditions for this promotion, it is necessary to make all payments without delinquency, while not making full or partial cancellation.

Payment is made upon completion of lending. The service can be used only on loans issued for at least a year. A prerequisite is to connect insurance “Financial Protection”. And you must also provide an income statement at registration. Let us consider in more detail the programs for which you can get a loan in Best Bank retired.

“Pension plus”

Any pensioner is served out of turn in the bank, if, accordingly, there is no queue of the pensioners themselves who want to get a favorable loan. Lending to the banking organization is ready for both employed and non-working elderly.

The borrower’s age can reach 85 years, taking into account the period of the proposed closing of the transaction. The remaining conditions are as follows:

  • experience at the current or last place for at least 4 months;
  • the borrower must live no later than 70 km from the bank branch;
  • stationary home telephone and telephone of a personnel department or accounting department for working borrowers.

The tariff schedule for the contract is as follows:

Loan terms 1-3 years
Amount of financing in rubles 40 000–300 000
Interest rate for target use 16.4%
Interest rate for misuse 26.4%

By purpose of a loan, it is meant that when signing documents, the borrower must indicate the purpose of the loan, such as the purchase of building materials. The lender may request checks for payment. And if more than 20% of the financing amount will be used for other purposes, then the bank raises the rate according to the tariff schedule.

“Loan at 12%”

This offer has a clearly limited period and amount of lending. The contract can be issued exclusively for a year and in the amount of 100,000 rubles. At the same time, the tariff plan also depends on the targeted flow of funds.

When using 20% ​​off-target, the rate will be 17% per annum, while with target use – only 12%. Redemption of contracts without a fee can be made through bank branches, ATMs and a personal account.

Express Plus

For registration of “express” need only a passport. And the application itself can be formed through the website of the banking company. Of course, without checking solvency the transaction will be at a high percentage. This product has the following rate:

Loan terms Half a year and a half
Amount of financing in rubles 5,000–40,000
Interest rate for target use 21.5%
Interest rate for misuse 31.5%

Conditions for obtaining a loan

Conditions for obtaining a loan


Credit for pensioners in Best Bank is available to people under the age of 85 years. A banking organization does not make formal employment requirements in the event that a pension is accrued.

The decision on lending is made on the basis of the credit history and solvency of the borrower. Funds can be obtained both at the office of a banking company, and on a debit card, which experts will help you arrange.

The application is formed through the website or in the office. In case of a positive decision, it is required to contact the department with a package of documents to sign the contract and payment schedule. An additional agreement may be the action “Guaranteed minimum rate.” But the action is not completely guaranteed, as it will be valid if, at the end of the loan, the borrower did not allow overdue debts and did not repay the loan ahead of schedule.

Requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers


The borrower must be a citizen of the Russian Federation. You can start lending from 20 years. And for pensioners, a loan is available up to 85 years by the time the contract is completed. Also in the requirements of Best Bank is the availability of employment for at least 4 months.

But pensioners, this item is not required. You will need to have a registration in the Russian Federation, as well as a personal phone number.

List of documents

List of documents

The main document is a passport. Pensioners must additionally submit a certificate from the Pension Fund. If you have a pension certificate, such a certificate is optional, but it is considered as a document characterizing solvency and influences the bank’s decision on the possibility of lending.

Additional documents may be:

  • international passport;
  • military ID;
  • registration certificate;
  • TIN;
  • SNILS.

As documentation that can confirm income, the bank expects:

  • Help 2-NDFL;
  • a certificate in the form of a banking company or employer;
  • For individual entrepreneurs, 2-NDFL certificate, as well as an account statement or a declaration of the simplified taxation system will be suitable.
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Take out personal loans but with caution Fri, 14 Jun 2019 20:58:32 +0000

The house is expensive, so buying a house, not a trivial matter. More often than not, people have had to borrow from a creditor (usually from well-known banks and financial institutions), to finance this last for a lifetime purchase. The future owners cannot expect more money in their banks to buy their homes, there is no support from loans. However, the rules of the game, what is borrowed and returned.

Repayment of the real estate loan

Repayment of the real estate loan

The most common repayment of the real estate loan is equal to monthly payments. This means that the total amount of loans and interest will be added and then divided by the number of months of the loan in order to get clear. Do this, the heart of the borrower’s income, how much money he / she can afford to pay home loans.

Home prices could be down 13% in Grand Canyon State, but there are plenty of other great things this state has to offer. The weather is beautiful and the state offers different life options. If you are young and looking for a hip, urban environment, check out Tempe – home of Arizona State University. If you are looking for a more rural environment, but don’t want to give up the convenience of being close to the city, to look for houses in Casa Grande, called “The Heart of Arizona”.
Not all debt is so big that you can’t handle it.

Financial difficulty to people

Financial difficulty to people

In fact, most of the debt does not bring great financial difficulty to people. However this is not always the case. When in debt, it is also easy to go deeper and deeper into debt by creating a deep hole to climb out of. You are then limited to what you can achieve whether it is a motgage loan or a car loan, there is a good chance that you will not be entitled because of the amount of debt you are in. In situations like this, it may be better to research debt consolidation services.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t saved enough and continues to save money for a dream home you can call your own. Today, you can get your own home through loans that are cheap. There are online lenders who offer these low-cost loans to those who are in need or simply failing a new home that they can call their own. Now, those who rent homes do not have to do so with these institutions that help out those who want to get out of the rental home.

If you have a lot of space in your budget, with the money left at the end of the month, then fluctuating income and expenses are probably not a big problem for you. However, if you are struggling to make ends meet, living from one paycheck to another, then an unexpected expense can destroy your monthly budget. The FHA is not a lender and does not actually make or guarantee home loans. They secure the loans an online mortgage lender can help you get.

Pay points on the loan

Pay points on the loan

The second strategy is to buy your rate. This is done by offering to pay points on the loan. A point is equal to one percent of the total loan value. If you are looking for a car loan for $ 25,000, a point would be 0. If you offer to pay the points up front for the lender, you will lower the interest rate.

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Quick Payday Loans: A Good Financing Method Sun, 05 May 2019 22:58:43 +0000 We often find many offers and opportunities to give us a taste or satisfy other needs at a special price. Especially in season discounts that we find offers that are not going to repeat or on special dates we need to buy some gifts.

Therefore, the speed of a payday loan is key to take advantage of unforeseen situations or opportunities. But to always win in these circumstances and ask for immediate loans, the key is that you have discipline and perseverance in the following points:

A Good Financing Method: Quick Payday Loans

A Good Financing Method: Quick Payday Loans

According to the Financiero, only 20% of the economically active population of Mexico keeps a record of their income and expenses. This figure could improve, and it is vital to have this in mind and on paper.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to plan for the future, it will also give you a sense of your monthly economic capacity. With that, you can easily calculate how much you can borrow. Whatever credit you request, whether large or small, experts recommend that it does not exceed 30% of your total monthly income.

Save money

Save money

Part of your income, 10% as many recommend, it is highly recommended to use it for savings. Besides that with these savings you can capitalize to invest in great opportunities, they serve to finance you, in such a way that today you ask for a payday loan and tomorrow you can pay without problem with your savings.

Maybe it sounds contradictory: why ask for a payday loan if I have savings? Easy: requesting a loan today can give you the necessary time to save and pay on time. In addition to that if you invested those savings in a business or in some other type of investment, the immediate loans give you the necessary liquidity right now so you can pay later.

Be aware of the cut-off dates and payment of your credits

Be aware of the cut-off dates and payment of your credits

Always keep in mind the cut and payment dates of your cards and other loans. That way you can calculate monthly how much money you need and how much time you need to pay, and thus avoid default interest or affect your score.

Although it may seem obvious, paying a payday loan on time is very much beneficial. In fact, in the case of cards, those people who pay their total debt and not just the minimum balance or another amount by the banking institutions. These people maintain an excellent credit history and do not pay too much (for that of late interest).

The same goes for fast loans, which although they are smaller amounts that do not require recurring payments, if you pay on time, your points in the credit history go up. Even if you do not need the money, simply ask for a payday loan, pay it on time and you will see how this raises your score in credit bureau. 

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Loans for foreigners: here’s how to get them Fri, 03 May 2019 21:09:30 +0000

Are you a citizen of the European Union or a non-EU citizen and do you need a fast loan for foreigners to deal with something unexpected?

Loans for foreigners can be found in the bank, the Italian Post Office and in the social lending circuits: there are so many opportunities for you!

Are you a foreigner and do you need a loan? here’s how to find it!

The best easy loans for foreigners

The best easy loans for foreigners

To whom do you go for a loan without bad surprises? In Italy, banks, financial companies and Italian Post offer you loans reserved for foreigners that you can repay in monthly installments. Any examples?

Loans for foreigners. The finance company provides you with up to 30000 euros in 48 hours . To obtain the loan, all you need is an income , even for a fixed term, and a residence permit for non-EU citizens (= if you are an EU citizen, just the passport). Among the most interesting personal loans for domestic workers and caregivers, Agos’s allows you to skip an installment, you do not need a current account and you can reduce the amount of an installment if you have difficulty.

Loans for foreigners Italian Post. You can have between 3000 and 30000 Euro by opening a Bancoposta account and paying fixed rate installments with debit to the current account . If you do not have a property or a fixed income, you can apply for Italian Post loans with the help of a guarantor.

Uni Bank loan for foreigners. At Uni Bank you can find CreditExpress Dynamic . It is a flexible personal loan: you get up to 30000 Euros and, after 9 paid installments, you choose whether to change the amount of the installment, skip one, or if you request more money from Uni Bank. Here too, you must open an account in the branch and pay the installments by debiting your current account.

Loans for foreigners. You can get up to 30000 Euros and choose if you want the fixed or variable rate. In addition, you can pay with: bank transfer, postal payment slip, or directly in the tobacconist’s belonging to the Sisal circuit. Talk to a consultant immediately and schedule an appointment in the branch that is most convenient to you:

If you have a paycheck, you can also ask to pay with a fifth of salary assignment . The bank will ask you to credit the salary to the current account, to withdraw the installment immediately. If you already have an assignment in progress, you can ask for a loan with delegation.

Loans for foreigners without payroll: where can I find them?

Loans for foreigners without payroll: where can I find them?

If you need financing, but don’t have a paycheck, don’t worry: there are reliable solutions. If you have a fixed-term job, the bank will accept the loan, but you must finish paying it before the end of the employment contract.

Otherwise, you can ask for the help of a guarantor , or put a pledged item or a house owned as a guarantee . If you can’t do it, ask for a revolving card to international circuits such as VISA, Mastercard or American Express.

The request is made on the official websites of these circuits and you get a card at home with the amount recharged on loan, to be paid in installments. Thus, they can apply for foreign loans not resident in Italy. Finally, there are loans for unemployed foreigners: on the Internet, you can find social lending sites. Here, you can ask individuals to borrow you without intermediaries.

Loans for Romanian foreigners: what guarantees?


Romanian citizens are EU citizens. If you want a loan, you just need a passport and an income . The bank can ask you for other guarantees if the salary is not enough, as is the case for Italian citizens.

Non-EU citizens , on the other hand, must have a residence permit for at least one year, have a job in Italy and have residence in our country.

Foreign loan documents: here’s what you need to bring to the bank!


What are the documents you need to bring to get the loan?


Residence permit of at least one year (for non-EU citizens).

Passport (for EU citizens).

Certificate of residence (at least one year).

Identity document and health card.

Pay slip, or documents on the home or guarantor.

Bring copies of these documents with you, in addition to the originals. Thus, the bank will be able to complete the practice faster. Usually, the loan amount arrives on the current account within 2 working days, but some banks may take up to a week. Ask for a quote before signing the loan agreement.

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Cash loan in Bank: conditions, interest Thu, 11 Apr 2019 06:31:18 +0000 Among all the variety of banking services, a special place is occupied by a cash loan from Bank. Despite the active development of issuing credit cards, there is a significant limitation that does not allow using the borrowed funds on the card with the maximum benefit – it is not profitable to withdraw money from a credit card. Of particular interest in this regard is the cash loan offered by Bank.

Known for the incredible number of offers of a wide variety of credit cards for ordinary citizens, entrepreneurs, LLC, the bank took into account the need of its clients for borrowing money, having developed a consumer lending program with the ability to use cash for payment without any restrictions.

The main advantages of a cash loan

The main advantages of a cash loan

Unlike cards with borrowed funds, cash overpayment on the loan is significantly lower. This is due to a lower interest rate from Bank, a cash loan can reduce the overpayment by almost half.

The lender does not have its own offices, which makes it possible to give borrowers particularly advantageous offers with a minimum of requirements for borrowers and maximum comfort during servicing. For Bank, nothing is impossible, even in receiving cash, without having branches, offices and cash desks.

By going through a simple procedure, the borrower receives the required amount of money during record low periods:

  1. Applying for a loan through the website of the lender without visiting the office and collecting funds.
  2. Getting an answer about the decision taken within a few minutes. In some cases, the request may take up to 2 days. The bank manager, upon receiving a request, at the telephone number indicated in the application, contacts the prospective borrower to clarify a number of issues related to the issuance of a consumer loan.
  3. Cash can be obtained by crediting the required amount to the Black debit card account, which means that all privileges, promotions, bonuses applied to cards of this type become available to the borrower. The amount borrowed from the bank is subject to withdrawal through any ATM without commissions and additional interest.
  4. If the borrower wishes to receive money without a Black card, the place is agreed where the amount will be issued through one of its partners. The choice of the borrower is offered about three hundred points of issue.

For funds credited to a debit plastic as a consumer loan, there are no restrictions for non-cash payments, while retaining the right to participate in bonus programs of accumulating points and returning a cashback. As a result, savings on individual groups of payments can reach 30%, returned to the account of the card after purchasing promotional goods through one of the bank’s partners.

Consumer loan terms

Consumer loan terms


You can get loans at Bank under the following conditions:

  1. The maximum limit is 1 million rubles, without the involvement of guarantors.
  2. The repayment duration is 3 years.
  3. The minimum interest rate on the loan – from 14.9% per year.
  4. There is no charge for cash withdrawals and monthly payments.
  5. The penalty for late payment is 1.5 thousand rubles or 0.5% of the total debt.

High chances for online cash loan approval from borrowers who meet the following bank criteria:

  1. Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  2. Age over 18 years.
  3. The presence of a stable monthly income of at least 15 thousand rubles, without references.

Trusting its customers with funds at favorable interest rates, the bank requires careful attention to the performance by payers of their obligations. Admitting the delay, the client immediately spoils his credit history, and will also have to pay 0.5% of the loan amount for each week of non-payment.

How is the credit limit calculated?


The limit on a bank loan is set individually, up to 1 million rubles. The minimum loan amount is from 50 thousand rubles.

The following parameters will affect the determination of the upper limit of the loan:

  1. The presence in the history of the client other repaid loans from the lender.
  2. Assigning a candidate to the category of payroll or corporate clients (the employing organization is served by this bank).
  3. Data from a centralized database of credit histories with complete information on the repayment of previous loans. The presence of insignificant delays leads to an increase in the rate and lower credit limit.
  4. Number of dependents on security, family composition.
  5. Official employment.
  6. The presence of liquid property, loan obligations in other banks.

Thus, the financial institution will comprehensively examine the financial position of a candidate for a consumer loan and take into account his reputation as a payer under other banking agreements.

At Bank, a cash loan is obtained only with full compliance of information from the cash loan application form with information from official sources. If false information is detected or distorted in its favor, an individual will not only be refused a request for funds – a negative record of this fact will appear in his credit history, which will significantly complicate the receipt of borrowed funds the next time.

Special attention should be paid to the possibility of issuing collateral for the obligations taken. Real estate pledge will allow the bank to give an increased limit of borrowed funds up to 15 million rubles with a maturity of up to 15 years.

Work with a loan calculator


Before you submit your request for a loan online, it is recommended that you carefully weigh your options for the upcoming debt repayment, independently determining the preliminary amount of future loan payments at Bank.

You can use the loan calculator available on the corporate Internet resource to determine:

  • estimated bid amount;
  • monthly payment.

By entering indicators of the maturity date and the amount required for a Bank loan, payment calculations are made that will allow the borrower to assess how fulfilled the loan obligations are according to the requested parameters.

Before you take a cash loan, it is necessary to examine in detail what percentage will be overpaid on the loan and how to properly repay the debt without causing the formation of delinquencies.

Ways of repayment of loan obligations


The absence of branches and offices does not affect the comfort when repaying a loan from Bank. There are lots of different ways to make monthly payments by bank transfer or in cash.

The most convenient option would be to replenish the account of the card to which funds were transferred. You can make funds for bank plastic in any of the following ways:

  1. Transfer from the account or card of another bank.
  2. Depositing cash at one of the payment acceptance points of the bank’s partners.
  3. Sending money transfers is also available in post offices.
  4. Acceptance of cash through the terminals.
  5. Payment through a mobile application or online banking.

Disadvantages and advantages of Bank consumer loan

Disadvantages and advantages of Bank consumer loan


As part of the consumer contract, the client will be offered to purchase insurance protection for the program with an increase in the monthly installment of 0.5%. This leads to a slight increase in the client’s payment obligations, but provides greater security in the event of non-payment. The disadvantages include an increased percentage, which in some cases reaches 54.9% per annum. You should carefully study the conditions for issuing borrowed funds before signing papers with the bank. A cash loan should be issued only after all the conditions of cooperation are clear and accessible. This will avoid misunderstandings when using and repaying debt through bank plastic.

Among the positive characteristics of this banking program include the maximum comfort for customers in the use and repayment of obligations, as well as the minimum requirements for registration:

  1. There is no need to collect additional certificates from the employer, to certify a copy of labor, to provide other documents, except for the passport of a citizen of Russia.
  2. The bank provides a unique opportunity to use the issued large amount with a minimum package of documents for any purpose, replacing various target loans. For example, instead of a car loan, a customer buys a car for cash without obligation to insure a car with a motor hull and issue it as a pledge.
  3. The decision to issue a loan is made within a couple of minutes after receiving an online application from the client with a further SMS notification about the possibility of lending.
  4. Consumer loan allows you to issue a unique debit card, which further provides the opportunity to receive large discounts from bank partners when making purchases, as well as accumulate a guaranteed cashback of at least 1% for non-cash payments. The client independently decides how to take the approved amount: in cash or by transfer to debit plastic.
  5. In addition to the increased service on banking plastic, the client is given the opportunity to use convenient Internet banking or mobile bank, making cashless payments at any time of the day.

Despite the great popularity and demand for credit cards, in some cases, cash will not do. It is for such cases that a cash loan is issued, allowing you to save on commissions for cash withdrawals. In addition, obtaining a cash loan allows you to pay off the debt for a significant period of time, reducing the loan burden of the payer. Taking a consumer loan in cash at Bank will allow you to combine all the benefits of a credit card and at the same time always have a certain amount of cash.

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