Geraldine Finucane Has Losed Her Inquiry About Her Husband Death

Geraldine Finucane is Pat Finucane’s widow who was murdered by the loyalist paramilitary. She is one of the witnesses who were also slightly injured when her husband was shot in fourteen times. In this case, she feels that the promise of inquiry about her husband death is not clear. But, the government does not response it, therefore she asks to have public inquiry to reveal the murder and the case clearer. The government always denies the public inquiry that she asks for since she knows her husband dead because of some parties. Based on government and court, they agreed that Pat’s widow has gotten the clear answer and inquiry. But, it does not work the same way as what she feels.

In 2011, the Prime Minister Mr. Cameron rejects the request of Geraldine to have public inquiry. He did he commission about all documents of the murderer case related to Geraldine’s husband. After being confirmed, it is stated that the agents of the state was involved in the tragedy. But it should have been prevented. Meanwhile, Geraldine Finucane and the family rejected it as the whitewash and the accused that the state should do what it must to do based on the law. They ask for the justice and for the commitment.

After all the ways she did with her family, nothing goes on her way. Mr. Cameron rejected the inquiry because he found that the case was clear. He also thought that Geraldine has already got the unambiguous answer about the case of Pat Finucane. In this case, Mr. Madden insisted all documents about Pat’s cases should be examined with the remains of having the truth about the murderer case. Geraldine Finucane and her three children were there when the tragedy happening. It’s hard for them to remember but they want justice to be there.