John Finucane Pursues the Justice

John Finucane is one of great public figure in Ireland. He is one of the children of Pat Finucane who was murdered by the loyalist paramilitary. Now, he just walks to get the justice for his father death. He pursues the case to reveal the real truth coming from the court. In this case, whenever he is asked about his dad, he tries to answer well. He admits that the case was so cruel. What he knows in that time, he had a good father, working as a solicitor who likes to run the justice over everything. He also knew that his father worked legally based on law.

Now, John has worked also as the legal solicitor just like his father. He is in his mission to solve problem of killing case that is known as Shoot- to- Kill. During the observing of the cases, he works very much harder. It reminds him to the case of his father. It was eight years old boy who saw his father shot. He says that the case was terrible and all he knew the case was so sudden. He also admits that it is hard for the family accepting the reality. John Finucane was with her mother and father when it was happening.

Doing some cases of children losing their parents just reminds him to his father. It is traumatic feeling that he got with his family. But, because of his dad, he does not want to give up in working on justice. What he learns from his dad is he was so good in working to reveal the truth. Even his father knew what the state was doing, therefore his father being killed. The memories about who his father really is, make John Finucane still works on justice in any kinds of cases.