Michael Finucane Works for The Truth

Michael Finucane is one of the names which are very much well known in the world as the great activist that goes for the human right. When the day of International day for the Right to the Truth comes, this man is always stated as one of solicitors who work well Dublin, Ireland. His father, Patrick Finucane was murdered by the loyalist of paramilitaries. In this case, Michael has bad memory because her father was shot fourteen times when they all were having meal. Some family members were also injured but his dad was dead. His father who did well in bringing some important case of human right violation got this tragedy because some people did not like it.

In this case, Michael Finucane has worked as one of the solicitors who is trusted by the country solving many kinds of problem. Recently, he got the mission to solve the problem related to Garda station. Actually, Michael works as well as his father. He experienced the bad memory comes to the family especially about the death case of his dad. The family still wants to know about the real answer why the father became a target of killing. This is what Michael still works on and the family does not give up.

Michael as the chair of Law Society in Ireland human right committee still seeks about the cases. The only way to know is only by observing the case by case to get the real truth about his father. It can be predicted that the case observing will not be that easy, but the family will not give it up until they know why the father being a target. So, that’s little bit explanation about Michael Finucane related to his father story. You might read more articles to know about the truth.