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Quick Payday Loans: A Good Financing Method

We often find many offers and opportunities to give us a taste or satisfy other needs at a special price. Especially in season discounts that we find offers that are not going to repeat or on special dates we need to buy some gifts.

Therefore, the speed of a payday loan is key to take advantage of unforeseen situations or opportunities. But to always win in these circumstances and ask for immediate loans, the key is that you have discipline and perseverance in the following points:

A Good Financing Method: Quick Payday Loans

A Good Financing Method: Quick Payday Loans

According to the Financiero, only 20% of the economically active population of Mexico keeps a record of their income and expenses. This figure could improve, and it is vital to have this in mind and on paper.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to plan for the future, it will also give you a sense of your monthly economic capacity. With that, you can easily calculate how much you can borrow. Whatever credit you request, whether large or small, experts recommend that it does not exceed 30% of your total monthly income.

Save money

Save money

Part of your income, 10% as many recommend, it is highly recommended to use it for savings. Besides that with these savings you can capitalize to invest in great opportunities, they serve to finance you, in such a way that today you ask for a payday loan and tomorrow you can pay without problem with your savings.

Maybe it sounds contradictory: why ask for a payday loan if I have savings? Easy: requesting a loan today can give you the necessary time to save and pay on time. In addition to that if you invested those savings in a business or in some other type of investment, the immediate loans give you the necessary liquidity right now so you can pay later.

Be aware of the cut-off dates and payment of your credits

Be aware of the cut-off dates and payment of your credits

Always keep in mind the cut and payment dates of your cards and other loans. That way you can calculate monthly how much money you need and how much time you need to pay, and thus avoid default interest or affect your score.

Although it may seem obvious, paying a payday loan on time is very much beneficial. In fact, in the case of cards, those people who pay their total debt and not just the minimum balance or another amount by the banking institutions. These people maintain an excellent credit history and do not pay too much (for that of late interest).

The same goes for fast loans, which although they are smaller amounts that do not require recurring payments, if you pay on time, your points in the credit history go up. Even if you do not need the money, simply ask for a payday loan, pay it on time and you will see how this raises your score in credit bureau. 


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