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  1. NHS 111 handler: 'Every day is relentless'

    A health adviser with the NHS 111 phone service, who wishes to remain anonymous, says work has been "relentless" since Covid and is even more so at the moment due to the strep A outbreak sending "everyone into panic mode".

    The Hampshire NHS worker, who has worked in the role for nearly a decade, told the BBC of having to take time off work because of stress and anxiety.

    They said: "On shift yesterday it was absolutely non-stop.

    "At the moment, when it comes to morale, so much is passed on to the 111 service to deal with, and now strep A has kicked in, it’s just relentless.

    "It’s been like that since Covid started, and without any extra funding to increase the amount of staff.

    "I feel like the public think we just read off a script, but the role is much more involved, much more detailed than what people are told.

    "Unless you’ve got good mental health, it will grind you down."

    The 111 health advisor insisted "I love my job" and said the amount of people who rely on the service for help is "what brings me back in every day".