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    Video caption: Plesiosaur fossil: Rare find in Australian outback excites scientists

    The 100-million-year-old fossil is the first such find in Australia to have a complete head and body.

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    Video caption: Escape of Taronga Zoo lions in Sydney caught on camera

    Taronga Zoo, in Australia, has released footage of the incident, which happened last month.

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    Video caption: Scott Morrison: Australian PM Albanese says predecessor's secret roles 'trashed democracy'

    Scott Morrison is criticised by his successor, Anthony Albanese, as parliament censures the former PM.

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    Video caption: Naked volunteers pose for Bondi Beach artwork

    The installation was designed by artist Spencer Tunick, to raise awareness of skin cancer.

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    Video caption: Sunak announces new medal for nuclear test veterans

    Rishi Sunak tells Britain’s nuclear test veterans they will be eligible for the honour to commemorate their work.