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Contested islands and Miss World protests

Life for those kicked out of the disputed islands between Japan and Russia in 1947, surviving the 2002 Mombasa hotel bombing and the history of a keep fit phenomenon.

Max Pearson presents a compilation of this week's Witness History programmes from the BBC World Service.

We hear from a man who was aged six when he was among the Japanese families expelled from his island home, as it was taken over by the Soviet Union after the Second World War. Our guest is Professor Haruko Satoh from Osaka University who analyses recent Japan-Russian relations and the impact of the invasion of Ukraine.

Twenty years after the Mombasa hotel bombing, a survivor recounts her experience. Also, the virologist who smuggled live HIV into Bulgaria in her handbag so she could start testing people.

Plus the flour protests at the 1970 Miss World contest and the history of a keep fit phenomenon.

Yuzo Matsumoto - taken from his home on Etorofu in 1947
Professor Haruko Satoh - Osaka University
Sally Alexander - protester at Miss World 1970
Kelly Hartog - survivor of the Mombasa hotel bombing
Professor Radka Argirova - virologist from Bulgaria
Annie Thorisdottir - CrossFit world champion

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